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Episode 5

Canadiens Connection | Habs With Strong Start to the Season [S1/E5]

Canadiens Connection is hosted by Joe Whalen (@JoeWhalen19) and Rick Stephens (@AllHabs) with contributions from Chris G. This talented team of credentialed journalists come together to share their valued insight. Listen LIVE below on Saturday, October 20th at 1 pm. ET or anytime at your convenience. Segment 1: Winners and losers of the week. Max Pacioretty, Jacob De La Rose, the Tomas' and Charles Hudon make an appearance. Segment 2: Claude Julien says his team is "in the entertainment business." Do our hosts agree? Roster decisions Segment 3: Canadiens unexpected strong startYour responses to question of the week: What is your priority? That your team is entertaining regardless of outcome or resolutely focused on winning a Cup? Bad tweet of the week The next episode will air LIVE on Saturday, October 27th at 1 pm. ET. (2:30 pm. NT.) Get the Canadiens Connection! Be sure to follow @habsconnection on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram You can listen to every episode at your convenience on your favorite podcast platform including iTunes, Overcast, Stitcher and TuneIn. Search for “Rocket Sports Radio” and subscribe!

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Canadiens Connection
Canadiens Connection via Rocket Sports Radio brings you news, expert analysis and informed commentary about the Montreal Canadiens and NHL hockey.

About your hosts

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Rick Stephens

Rick is the Founder and President of Rocket Sports, and has been the visionary leading our evolution. He also serves as the Editor of The Hockey News - Montreal. This followed a long, successful career in academia. These days, you’ll find him where he is most comfortable, in an arena press box or sharing his insights from behind a microphone.
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Michael Spinella

Michael was born and raised in Ottawa but, has settled in Montreal as a young professional. He grew up a Sens fan, but now enjoys watching all NHL teams and following prospects throughout their development. Michael has experience in Podcasting, Photography and Audio Production, which he uses to share his excitement and joy of the game.
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Amy Johnson

From Draft Day to winning a championship, Amy is a credentialed professional hockey reporter at the junior, national, NCAA, IIHF, ECHL, AHL, and NHL levels.

She has extensive experience writing game recaps, interviewing players, coaches, scouts, and management, recording live social media hits, and analyzing the game, in addition to providing original still photography of game action. You can view her work at AHLReport.com.